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Wizards of Strange

The Barons Strange in the United Kingdom have a high-level authority in the British Peerage and specialize in advanced and bizarre mind control. The family has been involved in politics, military, and many members of this family have been knighted by the Crown. They covertly control the Lodge of Oddfellows. Strange is Odd. The name Strange originates with John le Strange at the end of the 13th century. The Drummond, Stewart-Murray, Howard, Stanley, and Philips families have all held titles of Baron of Strange throughout the centuries. The Stanley family as Barons Strange ruled the Isle of Manns which uses the triskelion of a three-legged spiral and this image is strange or odd in my opinion. The triskelion is also used on the flag of Sicily and this specific version of the feminine looking three-legged spiral goes back to the ancient Minoan culture. The current General of the Jesuits Arturo Sosa is initiated into the Oddfellow Order. The spiral is used in hypnotism and the use of three legs adds a strange element to it. The three legs really represent female transsexuals and transvestites. Many members of various secret societies are transvestites. RuPaul is a high-level member of the Oddfellows and also the Boule Society. Prince Rogers Nelson is a cannibalistic transvestite and pedophile that faked his death. From what I hear Prince is hiding on the island of Costa Rica and rapes, murders, and cannibalizes children in a cave. The Christian pastor Joseph Prince is also a transvestite that rapes and eats children. Michael Jackson is another cannibalistic transvestite and pedophile that faked his death and is hiding out in the Mid East. The royal family of Bahrain financed Jackson’s second trial for child molestation and Janet Jackson married to the Qatari businessman Wissam Al Mana. The actor Tim Curry is a transvestite seen in the movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Robin Williams is an Oddfellow and extreme pedophile and ruthless sadist that faked his death. Being cremated the day after you commit suicide is not normal. Robin Williams is really evil. Sophie Turner covertly claims she has a penis and is involved in rape, murder, and cannibalism. The British banker and noble Adair Turner the Baron Turner of Ecchinswell finances child sacrifices to Sophie Turner and he is a member of the Royal Society headed up by Brian Cox. The Royal Society is a Masonic organization that uses technology to enhance witchcraft and sorcery. The Barons Strange and Oddfellows manage various depraved and strange sexual behaviors including bestiality, rape, incest, pedophilia, and sexual cannibalism. Prince Oddone Colonna of Rome is a hidden top architect of Oddfellow Freemasonry and involved in depraved sexual programming. The Oddfellows are also involved in using paranormal, ancient mysteries, and the New Age religion for brainwashing. Like the three-legged spiral, the Oddfellows use a three chain link as their most used symbol. The Stanley Barons Strange were often Knights of the Order of the Garter under the English Crown like George Stanley the 9th Baron Strange. George Murray the 6th Duke of Atholl and 11th Baron Strange was Grandmaster of the Grand Lodge of Scotland and also Grandmaster of the Grand Lodge of England. John Murray the 4th Duke of Atholl and Baron of Strange was a Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of England as well. Freemasonry is about deception, mind control, illusions, and covert warfare. The Barons Strange and their Oddfellows specialize in using the feeling of strangeness to enhance hypnotism and mind control. They use strange and satanic sexual ritual abuse. This group is ruthlessly wicked.

The Barons of Strange ruled over Knockin, England where the Jodrell Bank Observatory is located which runs radio telescopes and their program MERLIN or Multi-Element Radio Linked Interferometer Network and this includes fixed or grounded satellites. Merlin is the name of a wizard in British-Arthurian legend and the comic book character called Dr. Strange is a sorcerer. They are using satellites and electronics to radiate spells or mind manipulating frequencies into the atmosphere that target society both individually and collectively. They also use neuro-computer interface technologies and brain and body hacking software through electronics. Similar to their covert electronic harassment and mind control Rhodri Philipps the 4th Viscount St Davids and Baron Strange of Knockin were convicted of sending “menacing communications” on the internet and received 12 weeks in prison for it. Rhodri Philipps’ brother is the musician Roland Augusto Jestyn Estanislao Philipps or Todd Sharpville and he is an active member of the Barons Strange involved in masonic mind control connected with the music industry. Adam Drummond the 17th Baron Strange is a top member of this clan today along with his sister Catherine Strange who inherited the family’s wealth and assets. The Stanley family are closely related to them and formerly held the titles of Baron Strange. This nobility is headed up by Edward Stanley the 19th Earl of Derby. Robert Stanley is a New Age false teacher and con artist serving the Stanley family in the UK. L. A. Marzulli is another liar, con artist and agent of the Oddfellows. The Barons Strange also manage David Icke’s operation and his strange or odd false teachings like “reptilian shape-shifters” and “holographic reality” as well as other types of false teachings like “flat Earth.” David Icke is an Oddfellow Freemason and is extremely evil and works with the con artist Credo Mutwa. David Icke is a closet transvestite, child molester, and a cannibal. David Icke serves women who wear strap-ons or have surgically attached penises. He is a con artist. What David Icke is doing is brainwashing people into thinking life isn’t real by claiming life is an illusion and this helps criminals evade responsibility for their crimes because if life is an illusion as Icke claims then so are their crimes. This brainwashing is used to make people apathetic and docile towards evil. They are oppressive brainwashers. David Icke is managed by the Philips family which are the Viscounts of St Davids. The Oddfellows is an international masonic order with about 10,000 lodges worldwide and have divisions like the Independent Order of Odd Fellows headed up by the Grand Master Larry Ferguson and the female branch called the Daughters of Rebekah. Edward William Fitzalan-Howard the 18th Duke of Norfolk’s ancestors were Baron Stranges and he is a top authority over the Oddfellows. The very weird Prince Edward of Windsor the Duke of Kent and Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of England manages the Strange peerages and Oddfellow Order.

Baron Strange is a title that has been created several times in the Peerage of England. Two creations, one in 1295 and another in 1325, had only one holder each, upon the death of whom they became extinct. Two of the creations are extant. All four baronies of Strange have been created by writ, which means that they can pass through both male and female lines.

The second creation came in 1299 when John le Strange was summoned to the House of Lords as Lord Strange. This creation is often referred to as Baron Strange de Knokyn or Baron Strange of Knokyn (alternatively Latinized as Knokin or Knockin). Joan le Strange, the ninth holder of the title, married George Stanley, 9th Baron Strange, son of Thomas Stanley, 1st Earl of Derby, who was summoned to Parliament as Lord Strange in her right. Their son Thomas succeeded as both second Earl of Derby and tenth Baron Strange.

However, the abeyance was terminated in 1921 in favor of Elizabeth Frances Philipps, Viscountess St Davids, who became the fourteenth Baroness. She was the second wife of John Philipps, 1st Viscount St Davids.

Edward Stanley the Lord of Derby

Robert M. Stanley is currently an author and talk show host who also serves as a correspondent for America’s Morning News and America’s Radio News Network.

Robert has traveled to more than 50 countries during his life-long pursuit of modern and ancient mysteries. Over the past 30 years, his quest for unique ideas and information has led him to research and write about many controversial topics. His ongoing investigations have been featured on television, radio and in print. He currently lives in New England.

Todd Sharpville (born 9 April 1970 as The Hon. Roland Augusto Jestyn Estanislao Philipps) is the younger son of the 3rd Viscount St Davids[1][2]

Rhodri Philipps, 4th Viscount St Davids and Baron Strange of Knockin

Adam Humphrey Drummond, 17th Baron Strange (born 20 April 1953) is the son of Captain Humphrey ap Evans, MC, who assumed the name of Drummond of Megginch by decree of Lord Lyon, 1965, and Cherry Drummond. The 17th Baron Strange has discontinued the use of the suffix ‘of Megginch’ after his surname.

Edward William Fitzalan-Howard, 18th Duke of Norfolk, DL (born 2 December 1956), styled Earl of Arundel between 1975 and 2002, is a British peer, Earl Marshal, and son of Miles Fitzalan-Howard, 17th Duke of Norfolk.[1]

Baron Strange of/de Blackmere is an abeyant title in the Peerage of England.

Thomas Howard, 5th Duke of Norfolk, 18th Baron Strange of Blackmere (1627–1677)
Henry Howard, 6th Duke of Norfolk, 19th Baron Strange of Blackmere (1628–1684)
Henry Howard, 7th Duke of Norfolk, 20th Baron Strange of Blackmere (1655–1701)
Thomas Howard, 8th Duke of Norfolk, 21st Baron Strange of Blackmere (1683–1732)
Edward Howard, 9th Duke of Norfolk, 22nd Baron Strange of Blackmere (1686–1777) (abeyant 1777)

Merlin stands for the Multi-Element Radio-Linked Interferometer Network

25 metre dish, stands at Knockin in Sropshire

((Radio Telescopes like MERLIN use dreamscape technologies where they transmit images and visions into minds of people especially in dreams. They are hacking into peoples brains. David Icke is an architect of these dreamscape programs and operates as the modern day representative of Ikelos a Greek entity related to dreams. They falsely accuse and frame people in dreams and then demonic idiots violently attack innocent people because of something they saw in a dream. When people expose members of the NWO for their crimes they often frame that person in a dream in the minds of their minions who then attack them all based on an implanted dream. They know its not true but don’t care because the types of people that pretend to think dreams are real are the types of people who are evil and satanic. So evil and corrupt people see something in a dream about someone else usually an enemy of the NWO and then attack that person in real life based on a hypocritical and lying accusation. David Icke is a ruthless false accusing frame artist and destructive psychopath.))


(Greek mythology) The god and personification of people seen in prophetic dreams; the son of Hypnos and Pasithea, or Nyx and Erebus.

From the Ancient Greek Ικελος (Ikelos, “Like, Resembling”).

David Icke

“We are living in a dreamworld within a dreamworld—a Matrix within the virtual-reality universe—and it is being broadcast from the Moon. Unless people force themselves to become fully conscious, their minds are the Moon’s mind.”[158][159]

Merlin (Welsh: Myrddin) is a legendary figure best known as the wizard featured in Arthurian legend and medieval Welsh poetry.

Prince Oddone Colonna

Flag of Sicily

The flag is characterized by the presence of the Triskelion

The flag of the Isle of Man or flag of Mann (Manx: brattagh Vannin) is a Triskelion

Arturo Sosa the Superior General of the Society of Jesus or Jesuits is covertly initiated into the Oddfellow Order

Grand Master Larry Ferguson of the Oddfellow Order

Reality Is An Illusion – David Icke

Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, KG, GCMG, GCVO, CD, ADC(P) (Edward George Nicholas Paul Patrick; born 9 October 1935) is a member of the British royal family.

He is president of The Scout Association, the Royal United Services Institute, and the Royal Institution of Great Britain, and since 1967 Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England.


The Rebekah’s are a Fraternal Order, as well as a Service Organization. Our members must be 16-18 years or older, believe in a Supreme Being, Creator and Preserver of the Universe, and be faithful to their Country. Rebekah’s exhibit the true principles of Odd Fellowship which are Friendship, Love, and Truth and in this day and age are extended to rendering service to our communities- SERVICE IS OUR GOAL.

Definition of fraternal
a: of, relating to, or involving brothers

The Rebekahs, also known as the International Association of Rebekah Assemblies (IARA), and originally the Daughters of Rebekah is an international service-oriented organization and a branch of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. It was initially designed as the female auxiliary of the IOOF but now allows both female and male members.

It is one of the units of the IOOF, but women need not be related to an Odd Fellow to be a member of the Rebekahs. As long as she meets the moral, ethical and age requirement for admission, any woman may join. In most jurisdictions, women aged 16 or 18 years old and above can join a Rebekah Lodge.

Founded as the Odd-Fellow Rebekah Children’s Home of Northern California the organization operated as an orphanage until the 1950’s; providing a home for orphaned children of order members. At one time Odd-Fellow homes were in every state; today Rebekah Children’s Services is the last operating Odd-Fellow Children’s Home in the nation.

In the 1950s services transitioned to meet the needs of the community and we began accepting children referred by the courts for mental health treatment.

70 Celebrities Who are Actually Transgender People


The English actress Sophie Turner is a child murdering abomination that specializes in turning women and men into transvestites and transsexuals. She is utterly obsessed with herself and bathes in the blood of children. She fascist dictates that some women have penises and she says this because some satanic women are surgically getting penises attached. If a “woman” is born with male genitals then that is not a woman. She very well may be a hermaphrodite. She attacks me through electronics using a neuro-computer interface like synthetic telepathy claiming women are god and have penises and admits that she and others like her rape, murder, and cannibalize boys as an attempt to dehumanize men. Sophie Turner is a demented psychopathic murderer. Her co-worker Peter Dinklage is a ruthless devil that hates humanity out of spite because of his condition and has an extreme God complex caused by his insecurity and brags about his “brilliance.” Peter Dinklage is entirely evil. The Royal Institute, Royal Society, Masonic Orders, Rosicrucian Orders, Kabbalah Society, DARPA, USAF, IDF, Intelligence Agencies, and Scientology Churches all have access to Neuro-Computer interface technologies and brain and biohacking software like GENESIS and NEURON. Attackers often admit who they are because it feeds their egos. They attack people like this because they get off to it and because it disrupts the lives of people who oppose them. They are usually intoxicated on human blood and foolish when they do this. Many demonic women want to look like women but also have penises and then use them to rape little boys which they also murder and cannibalize. That is a major agenda of Luciferian and Satanic groups. Michael Jackson and Prince want to be women with penises that rape little boys. That is why they both faked their deaths. Sophie Turner is also involved in burning children alive which is depicted on the show Game of Thrones where they burn a little girl alive. Sadists like Sophie sexually get off to it. It is about domination and destroying innocence. She is complete demonic trash.

Adair Turner

Chairman of the Governing Board, Institute for New Economic Thinking


SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — The late actor and comedian Robin Williams has been cremated and his ashes scattered in San Francisco Bay, according to a death certificate obtained by CBS News.

The image of the death certificate, stamped ‘Informational,’ indicates the Bay Area resident’s ‘place of final disposition’ as ‘scattering in San Francisco Bay off the coast of Marin County’ on August 12, which would have been one day after his death.

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